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KS1 Programmes

We're also really happy to craft and tailor a programme to suit your group, just let us know.

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Once Upon A Time (half day - can be linked with Woodland Theatre for a full day)

A mix of story-telling, drama and woodland immersion based around stories of your choice.  Recent stories have included well-loved traditional tales such as Three Little Pigs & Red Riding Hood.

Focus:  Communication, English & Drama, Community, Nature Connection

Teddy Bear's Picnic (half day)

A picnic with teddies, exploring the woods using all the senses, learning about the four needs of all living things (Shelter, Water, Air & Food).  Visit our animals before returning to the woods to make mini-islands and shelters for the teddies.

Focus:  Science, Emotional Literacy, Art, English‍‍‍

Journey into the Forest (half day)

Meet Molly the mushroom who is packed for her first holiday, but needs help to find her woodland friends.  Using the map, the children discover the land of the Lilliputs, but not before visiting Carol the Squirrel, and Jenny the Owl the master of all hunters…  Will you find the land of the Lilliputs...?

Focus:  Geography, Science, Emotional Literacy, PHSE Citizenship, Art and English

Earth Walks & Earth Art (half or full day)

Discovering using our senses,‍‍‍ allowing the space to explore the magic of the woodland. Activities could include Symphony of Sounds, Bug Hunting in the Basements, or creating Smelly Cocktails.  Creating seasonal natural arts which could involve paints, body art, clay work and more…

Focus: Art, PHSE and Science

Woodland Theatre (half day - can be linked to Once Upon a Time for a full day)

The day starts with a walk around the woods and some ‘old wives tales, then continues with traditional tales told around the fire, story and character creating and concludes with puppeteers and narrators performing a show in a theatre they have built in the woods.

Focus:  Communication, Art, Drama, English, Community

Forest School-style Day (half or full day)

Child led sessions based solely around the Forest School ethos, building confidence and gaining life skills.  Activities such as shelter building, natural crafts, firelighting and much more.

Focus:  Decision Making, Communication and Personal Organisational Skills (PHSE)

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Bug Bounty (half day)

Let's discover together like Victorian explorers finding bugs for the very first time... what name would you give it?  Draw a sketch and observe their amazing adaptations, create your own creature using clay and natural materials, and explore the woodlands for bug habitats.

Focus:  Geography, Science, Emotional Literacy, PHSE Citizenship, Art and English

Autumn Changes (half day)

Meet Carol the adventurous squirrel and Erin the hedgehog, and help them prepare for the winter time.  A perfect chance for children to explore seasonal changes and animal habitats through immersive nature connection activities.

Focus:  Geography, Science, Emotional Literacy, PHSE Citizenship, Art and English

Celebrations - (half or full day)

A wonderful opportunity for children to reflect on what they're grateful for, and to recognise and celebrate difference and diversity.   If doing a half day, your class can focus on 'Saying Thank You' or 'Celebrating Ourselves': a full day combines both themes.   Activities include reflecting elements of nature such as honey from bees and song from birds, learning about the qualities of Celtic trees and doing leaf printing, cooking bread over an open fire to share, building Jewish Sukkot shelters, and celebrating together with food, drinks and a story around the fire.

Focus:  Geography, PHSE Citizenship, Literacy, Science, Religious Education, Nature Connection

We can usually combine half day programmes into a full day of activity - contact us for more ‍‍‍details.‍‍‍

From Sept 2018 Educational Programmes are priced at £9 per child for half a day (0930-1200), and £15 for a full day (0930-1445).  

10% discount applies to a full day D‍‍‍ay Visit. Full day Residential Programmes extend until 330pm, and residential discounts are available if staying for more than 2 nights.

The minimum payment for a half day of activities is £135, and £225 for a full day.