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‍‍‍"Falling in love with the earth is one of life’s great adventures.  It is an affair of the heart like no other; a rapturous experience that remains‍‍‍ endlessly repeatable throughout life.  The more one gives it away, the stronger it grows."

Steve Van Matre

This workshop is perfect for practitioners, teachers and activists of all kinds, but especially for those interested in outdoor and environmental education - a chance for fresh perspective and a deeper grounding in your practice.  

‍‍‍The workshop is jointly hosted by Green Light Trust and Ringsfield Hall EcoActivity Centre.  Delegates are welcome for refreshments from 0930 for a 10am start on Monday 30th April.  Contact us if you need to stay over on Sunday 29th April.

The cost of a day ticket includes lunch and refreshments on both days, but those who need to stay over can upgrade their ticket to include an evening meal on the Monday evening and breakfast on the Tuesday morning.  Joining instructions and other information will be sent nearer the time.

It is an incredible privilege and rare opportunity to host one of the most influential people in Environmental Education right here in the UK.  Steve Van Matre (born March 2‍‍‍0, 1941) is an American environmental activist, author and educator.  He is the founder of the Earth Education movement and chair of the Institute for Earth Education.   Steve was a professor In the Leisure and Environmental Resources Association (LERA) at George Williams College Downers Grove ill in the 70's and 80's.

His programmes promote immersion into nature through carefully designed learning experiences using 'hooks' and experiential activities with goals and teasers that inspire children to return and learn more.  Van Matre's ecological concepts, teaching style and strong opinio‍‍‍ns continue to inspire many environmental programmes worldwide.  His books are inspirational and timeless, and an important reminder to refuse to give in to all the pressures that would cause us to compromise or otherwise lose track of our goals.

What does it really mean to say “I am an earth educator,” or “a forest school facilitator”, “an environmental activist”, “outdoor educator” or “ a permaculturist”?  If you have ever found it difficult to explain your life’s work, this workshop is an opportunity to examine the underlying motivations that propel you, to give them a concrete representation, and to receive resources for your own journey.  It's an opportunity to consider your personal relationship with the natural world and your role in the movement to look out for it, in order to ask 'how can we be of service to bot‍‍‍h the planet’s natural systems and communities, and its human population'?

Monday 30th April - Tuesda‍‍‍y 1s‍‍‍t May 2018‍‍‍

‍‍‍Contemplative Experience Workshop with Steve Van Ma‍‍‍tre

An opportunity to consider your personal relationship with the natural world and your role in the movement to look out for it.