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The enquiry form below is the first step of your adventure here with us at Ringsfield Hall.  You will be able to see availability, price, and make a provisional booking.

However, bookings are subject to a confirmation of availability and cost, and minimum charges usually apply.  In other words, even though we calculate costs on a per person basis, we do set a minimum charge for the group‍. This will   be between £550 - £875 p/n depending on time of year.

You will be able to see provisional costs, but you won't need to pay straight away,   A staff member will review your enquiry and you'll receive a deposit invoice by email on confirmation.

Please note, School Residentials or Weddings are not booked through this page. ‍‍‍   If you want to book a School Day Visit, Residential or a Wedding, please click through the links above for more information and either enquire through the 'Book Now' links or email‍‍‍

Please look at the following documents before booking:

Download: Site Map.pdf

Download: Ringsfield Hall Floor Plans.pdf

Download: PreVisit Information.pdf

Download: Food Allergies Policy Oct-17.pdf

Download: Allergen Details Form.docx‍‍‍‍‍‍

You can also view our Privacy Notice h‍‍‍ere.