Ringsfield Hall is a wonderful place for a wedding: a big Victorian house and 14.5 acres of meadow and woodlands all to yourself for a weekend.  We'll do whatever we can to help you create an experience you'll cherish.

We're an innovative Centre for Outdoor Learning and Nature Connection, but we love to host Group Accommodation, Weddings, and Events of all kinds.

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Every year, thousands of children and young people come through our doors  (and woods!) to experience our  imaginative child-led Outdoor Programmes.  We'd love to host your school here.

School Residentials & Day Trips

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This is what teachers have said:

All of the children and staff flourished in the pleasures of‍‍‍ being outdoors.  A very beautiful place for children to experience the joys of nature. 

— Gunton Community Primary

Thank you for looking after me, for making me think, for leaving me with the thought 'If there isn’t a good reason to say no, try to say yes'.

— Carlton Rode Primary

Wonderful food, fantastic staff, and brilliant activities. 

— Aslacton Primary

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Group Accommodation

It's good to get away.  We've hosted all kinds of groups here - families and friends, churches and faith groups, conferences and training weekends.  Let's see what we can do for your group.

Planting Seeds of the Future;                                         Fostering the Spirit of the Child

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Our core aim is 'reconnection': with ourselves, with others, and the planet we're a part of.  Our core focus is on children, young people and families.

A huge thanks to the Naturesave Trust for contributing £2,000 towards a the replacement of one of our boilers with an incredible electric boiler, increasing our energy efficiency and helping reduce our carbon footprint.

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